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Wardy App

When Wardy challenged me to create a spot for a Facebook and Instagram Ad I wanted to show their innovative product plus the advantages of it in a way that fits their company values. Working on the project I faced the challenge to show the problems when dealing with the good old "Stempelkarten" but also to keep the attention of the viewer for the whole spot. I used a great variety of colors to catch the attention of people swiping through their feeds on the social media platforms.



Before starting to work on a concept I always create a mindmap about the topic at hand and research on different websites, books and of course on pinterest. This way you can really find solution you would have never thought of by just diving into the concept phase. Please don't judge my bad handwriting :)

Artboard 1.png

 Character Design

I designed a fairly simple character to fit the purpose of the Ad. I wanted to make him charming but somehow quirky. I designed him in different shades of grey and worked on the color later in the process. I used blue as the dominating color and the neon as an acent color to make the viewer focus on the eyes. In the actual Ad I decided to not use the design with the big teeth because it made more sense without. 


 Asset creation

Dynamics in C4D were used to create the thousands of cards surrounding our hero character. I created 4 different kinds of "Stempelkarten" and cloned them. To keep the cards in place I used a box and excluded it from the render. I also used a deformed  capsule that made sure that the cards were not taking Keenny's place. Yeah that's how I call him. We spend a lot of time together recently. 



Facial expressions played an important role in this project. I set up the two extremes and worked my way to the animation you see above. The flying cards were rendered in C4D and imported into After Effects.  



Client: Wardy

Illustration : Matthias Klepeisz

Animation: Matthias Klepeisz
Music: Big Apple Drumline - MVM Productions

Used programs:

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