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I was excited to work with the young Start-up team from Wardy. They approached me with the need to communicate their Idea to customers who had never heard of their app before.


I had to get an idea in which direction they wanted to go so I curated 3 Moodboards that fitted the brief they gave me. They chose the first option "detailed".


Wardy - Mood_Boadd.png
Wardy - Maood_Board.png
Wardy - Mood_Board.png
Wardy - Treatment - 3.png
Wardy - Treatment - 1.1.png
Wardy - Treatment - 2.png


The task was to explain their idea to a college student who is tired of carrying all the loyalty cards in his wallet. I wanted to not only explain the functionality of their app but also connect it to a story so everybody could relate easier to it. I came up with 3 different concepts.

Moodboard anker
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 3.png


To get a clear visual representation of the concept I worked on a Storyboard, creating rough sketches to show the Wardy-team what the actual spot could look like once finished.

Storyboard anker
Artboard 2.png
Artboard 4.png


To get a sense of timing, pacing and composition I created an Animatic. In this phase I timed the rough sketches from the storyboard to my own "skratch Voice Over". In this phase it's easier to make changes because the Design and Animation happens later in the process.

Scene - 1.png
Scene - 3.png
Scene - 4.png
Scene - 5.png
Scene - 6.png
Scene - 7.png
Scene - 8.png


I presented the Wardycrew some fully designed, fleshed out picture to give them a glimpse of what the Video will look like and to make sure we were heading into the right visual direction.



As the styleframes got approved I started to work on the animation. I prepared all the assets in Illustrator and Photoshop and used a great Plugin called "Overlord" to transfer them into After Effects. Than I started to rig the character and decided to tackle the most difficult parts of the animation first. After I finished the first pass of animation I worked on the little things, like the liquid that moves when you move the coffee cup, that put the icing on the cake. After the Animation was approved I hired a professional Voice Over Artist and worked on the Sound Effects and the Music. I edited the Music so it fit the lenght of the Video and tried to create a different ambience for each scene. In addition to this I had the idea to create Gifs to show the important steps of the process one by one .


App öffnen und Button klicken


Screen des Iphones oder Rückseite des Androidphones stempeln lassen


10 Stempel sammeln und einlösen


Stempel einlösen und gratis Kaffee, Pizza ... genießen

​Let's work together!




Client: Wardy

Concept: Matthias Klepeisz

Illustration : Matthias Klepeisz

Animation: Matthias Klepeisz

Script: Matthias Klepeisz

Voice Over: Andreas Brenner
VO editing and sound effects: Matthias Klepeisz

Music: Tasty - Farberge

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