PIPE-DIGITAL ART STUDIO contacted me to work together on a fun project for the client "Silva". Their goal was to showcase a new flavor which was about to be realeased. They wanted to convey the idea of freedom and great taste..


You can only animate as good as your rig allows you to. I manually rig my characters with a great tool called "Duik". You actually set up a skeletton for you character to make the body move in a natural way.







Key Poses

Before I started with the actual animation I put down the keyposes to give myself a first impression of the timing.

Reference Video

To get a natural movement and to get the timing right I shot a reference Video which helps a lot in the animaton phase.


I usually start with the most challenging animation first. In this case I started with the character animation of the women enjoying her drink on a warm summer day.

After I was happy with the movement of the character I started to work on the 3D camera movement. I added some depth of field to make the viewer focus on the most important thing in the scenes. I also decided to add a parallex effect ot the backround to give the shot more depth.  

Used programs:



Client: Silva - Der Verjus Drink


Illustration : Katrin Nusterer & Lamoral Kloos

Animation: Matthias Klepeisz

Voice Over : Wonderbros
Music: Springtime (Music by Jean Paul Zoghbi) 

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