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In this great Masterclass Sander van Dijk showed me how to tackle difficult transition how to deal with complexity and how to structure animations according to geometric proportions found in nature, plus I picked up some great habits and tricks to improve my workflow.

This is the final assignment for the Advanced Motion Methods class of School of Motion. 
I learned a ton and Sander Van Dijk did a great job as well as the TA's!

Animation&Sound Design: Matthias Klepeisz
Artwork by Sarah Beth Morgan


For this project we were given these beautiful style frames designed by Sarah Beth. We had to create a 15-20 second spot for use on various social media outlets to get people interested in their mission at Seed&Stem. They provided a script, VO, and these boards. 

style frames.png


This was a very rough animatic in order to see if the animation is timed well and if the transitions work the way I imagined.


Prepping the Artwork

In order to animate the different Photoshop layer the way I planned I had to merge some of them toghether or split them in different layers. Some of the artwork had to be rebuilt in After effects to get maximum flexibility.


Creating a walk cycle

First I had to research how a spider actually walks in order to recreate the movement in After Effects.


Than I rigged up the spider in a seperate Comp.


Creating the fortune teller ball in 3D

I wanted to give the crystal ball a 3D look so I fired up Cinema 4D rendered out a multi pass with alpha and imported it into After effects. 


Adding detail and finishing up

I think the little details, like a water drop bouncing of a flowerpot, can really make a huge difference in the final product so I try to always have some extra time left for finishing up my work. 


Used programs:

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