Personal project

I love working on personal project because more often than not you're learning some new stuff you didn't even know you'd learn starting out. 

Initial inspiration

I tried to figure out which motorbike I wanted to recreate in 3D so I searched for cool bikes on Pinterest and came up with a bunch of great looking models. Here is the one I chose for reference.


I modelled the bike in Cinema and put some texture on it.

Than I created the wooden plates with the help of cloners!

Those little meteor type looking triangles were also created using cloners and a texture.


Now the fun part was on my scedule. Put those keyframes where they belong and make the moterbike come alive. I wanted to make it feel heavy so to make the bounce look good. I had to use 2 different anchor points because the center of gravity changes during the bounce. After some tweaking I came up with the final animation.

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