Stop Procrastinating

This is my final project for the great SOM course "Cinema 4D - Ascent". I had a lot of fun learning new things and flexing my C4D and Redshift muscles to finish this piece.I modelled, textured, lighted, rigged and animated everything in this piece!



For this project I had to model this cute little dog out of a box. Yeah that's right this dog was made out of box.



In order to make him move like a real puppy I had to connect all the Joints to his body. One of the more challenging things was to weight paint the whole mesh.



Of course he needed some hair like a real dog so he can loose them and mess up your clothes when you play with him, so I added different lenght of hair to his mesh. I used Subsurface scattering on the notes flying around to make them look more realistic. It's all about the little details that add up to the bigger picture. 

Used programs:

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