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The Science of Character Animation

This course by Markus Magnusson taught me a lot new techniques that really spice up my Character Animation skills. It was a lot of work, especially the frame by frame heavy lifting (see what I did there ;)) but it definitely makes a huge difference in the outcome. 

task 1.jpg

Dynamic Character Posing

We focused on dynamic lines to make the character come alive. Special attention was also paid to the depth we recieve as a viewer when looking at those poses. It’s all about defining at what distance objects or their parts are placed from the camera and also about perspective. One key element is the weight of the character, you need to get the balance right in order to make the character look real. 

Artboard 1.png

Facial Expressions

To make a character come alive expressions play a big role. You can express a lot of emotions with just the face. We also tried to exaggerate the expressions as much as possible to make the message clear. There is a difference between looking sad and looking very, very sad. 

Artboard 3.png

Used programs:

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