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Hallo, Alexander!

Ich animiere Poker Erklärvideos um Online Casinos neue Kunden zu generieren. 
Zeigen wir gemeinsam wie aufregend Poker sein kann!


Viele "sehr bald Kunden" wissen noch gar nichts von ihrer Liebe zu Poker. 
Der schnellste Weg Poker zu lernen?


On this Project I had the chance to combine 2 things I really enjoy. Animation and Poker.
I joined forces with the great Team of Win2day on their journey to explain Poker to everyone who ever wanted to dive a little bit deeper in the cardgame.
All in's, raises, bad beats and a suck out on the river! That's what it is all about in Texas Hold'em. If you have never played Poker it isn't easy to grasp all the rules at once so this Video is here to help you start playing Poker today! 

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Character Development

For this project I wanted the "bad guy" to look and act like a typical "Wiener" that youwould meet in a "Beisl" at he bar. So I looked up all kinds of Austrian TV series to get some inspiration. I decided to go with goldchains and a hat is always a nice accessoire for a poker player. 


Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2.png
Artboard 3.png


I worked out a storyboard to give the Team a visual representation of the concept we have been working on together. 


 Asset Design

I designed a whole deck of cards and came to the conclusion that they were to detiled for our needs. So I simplified them so the viewer can distinguish them with one look. Some papertexture completede the look I was going for. 



For the Rigs I used a Duik. I also used a technique in Duik that allowed me to turn the head Up, Down and Sideways with no limitations on how many parameters you can add to it. (for example: you can add Squash and Strech as an extra slider not dependend on the direction he is looking)



For the animation I acted out most of the movements to get a feeling for timing and movement. Some parts of the animation, like when the bad guy crosses his arms, were first animated frame by frame in Adobe animate and than brought into After Effects.



Client: Win2day

Creative Director: Win2day, Matthias Klepeisz

Illustration : Matthias Klepeisz

Animation: Matthias Klepeisz

Voice Over : Muriel voice

Music: Win2day - Adrenaline 

Doch lieber in 3D?

HD- 25 fps - Comp (0-00-00-00).png

How to Bluff in Poker

This personal Project challenged me in a lot of different areas and made me grow in so many instances. 

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